Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i dont understand why

1. i dont understand why people want us to be a good listener to what they say, but when its come to our turn to say something, they dont event want to listen.
2. i dont understand why people when they're angry with someone else, they show their sulking face to other people close to them that dont know nothing about what he/she's mad off. and the other people will try to be good to her/him.

3. i dont understand why people like to mix up between "now i'm your friend" and "now i'm your boss".
4. i dont understand why people need to be positive thinker all the time..its normal to be the real you and please, please dont force other people to be as positive as you.
5. i dont understand why others cant understand that some people have a hard life, and the people that have a hard life need to pretend that "yeah my life is just fine, good,so good".
6. i dont understand why sometime people can just interrupt us and dont understand that sometime we need privacy.

7. i dont understand when people ask for help, and we agree to help, they give orders like the task is purposely our task, we are the person in charge.
8. i dont understand why people must disagree with other people and think that their idea is the correct one..but actually both are the same, just the way he/she put it in a sentence.if we gave suggestion, they dont listen, at the end they find us and say "hey u, solve the problem".
9. i dont understand why people must always not satisfied with what other people have done..they will try to find mistakes, even very tiny mistakes.
10. i dont understand why its hard to say please, can i, can u, thank you. some people ask for help, its an objective question, with multiply answers, but the answers will be A. yes B. ok C. sure D. of course



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